When trying to bowl several strikes in a row you must be dedicated to being the best bowler you can be and that involves lots of practice. Your ball and other equipment may have to change with your skills so be prepared to evolve in any way possible. Being able to assess your own ball and game is also very important to becoming a better bowler. Bowling three strikes in a row, or a turkey, is key to maximizing your score.

If you are a right handed bowler who often gets a four pin for a strike, on that lane next time you bowl you should adjust your position and move some to the left or chances are you will only get nine pins. Learning to read a ball is very important to setting yourself up to bowl strikes. Your ball can tell you all sorts of things about your game and the mistakes that you may be making, like standing in the same spot expecting different results from the same shot on the same lane. After you have practiced enough to learn to read the ball you will change the pattern of standing in the same spot. Once you get the 4 pin and get that strike, you should move some to achieve the string of strikes that you are looking for.

When you go to the pro shop and look for a great hooking ball think twice about the ball you already have. Your ball may be trying to tell you that it is you and not your ball that needs adjusting. Chasing the big hook ball is a mistake a lot of good bowlers makes when trying to up their game and bowl strikes. If you own a good hook ball you may just need a ball that will help to fill the gap in the balls that you may already own. Make your purchase count instead of hoping to get a miracle ball to fix your problems reading the balls you have. Changing your ball properly and upping your average do go hand in hand for good bowlers, and will help you get those multiple strikes.

Stringing many strikes in a row often involves knowing how to play the lane, utilize equipment and get to the 1-3 and 1-2 pocket regularly. Playing a lane well comes back to knowing how to gauge where the oil on the lane is and how much is there. If the lane is made of synthetic (or manmade) wood they are slicker than real wood and can be assessed in a couple of throws.

Bowl Several Strikes in a Row

Using your ball to your advantage is really the key to learning to bowl strikes and practicing with the lane oil and surface materials. Choosing the right ball for the lane conditions and shot performance can only improve your game and deliver strikes. Choose your ball wisely and experimenting with your throw can only help your game. Don’t expect to repeat the same stance and release with different results, as you will get stuck in a bowling slump, and that can be no fun.

When you are practicing with a league, this can be the best time to learn the oils on a lane. Changing your footwork to match the oils is a good idea. The oil is spread out more by many players throwing in a row and can leave you at the advantage point if you can learn to counter step the oils on a lane to bowl strikes. Bowling one more frame when the leagues have finished and the oil has spread can help you to understand the oils and better your stance.

Bowl Strikes
Learn to bowl strikes in a row.

Most bowlers have a tendency to take their best ball and their comfortable stance and aiming for their favorite spot. This is where the hook ball is not going to help. You need to practice throwing around this favorite spot and inside and outside to feel the lane and the ball. Take note of each variable and use these variables to your advantage. Getting the ball in the pocket is what you are trying to do, give up on the hook for a bit and just feel the throw. Tucking the oil line is very important and needs to be mastered before you can consistently throw several strikes in a row. Once this has been mastered only the will you see your pocket percentages flourish.

Once you have gotten this all lined up and practice is going well, do not leave the alley. Master this until you can’t anymore. You should try hard to maintain the shot you are working on and practice this to become more comfortable with the technique.

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